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Frequently asked questions about our hosting.

Can I cancel my subscription any time I want?
Of course. Cancel in the first 48 hours, and everything will be refunded. After that, we will refund any prepaid hosting costs via PayPal (minus a small service charge). You can download all of your files in a 'zipped' file to make the transfer to your next host easier.

Do I pay month by month or yearly?
The economy and silver plans must be paid yearly. Gold and Professional plans may be paid monthly or yearly.

Do you limit files based on extensions or file size?
No. There are no limitations like this.

Can I upload MP3's?
MP3's are allowed, but not if they are copyrighted. If we suspect the use of copyrighted music (or any other copyrighted material) we reserve the right to remove it or ask you to do so.

How long will it take to setup the account?
Signup is usually completed within 10 minutes of payment, but can take up to several hours if there is a complication.

Do you support ASP?
ASP (Active Server Pages) is a Microsoft scripting language. We do not offer ASP, but we do offer PHP. PHP is easier to learn, more widely used, and many would argue more powerful than ASP.

What is your policy on Spam?
We have a strict no tolerance policy for unsolicited email and posting. If your site is found to be advertised by spam or your account is used to send spam, it will be immediately deleted. No refund will be issued.

Can I host adult material?
No. We do not allow any adult material. Your site will be removed if found to contain any pornography.

How much space do you give for email?
You can create an unlimited number of Pop3 email accounts and choose their limits, but the storage space and transfer counts toward your quotas.

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